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Friday, April 7, 2017

Who Is Lu Hefner? Ask Wikipedia!

Who is Lu Hefner on Wikipedia? 



Thursday, July 7, 2016

Lu Hefner / New Video coming soon

Lu Hefner Gearing up to shoot Wilt Chamberlain Video at a secret location, but you know he had to do it different and get custom Hit City Converse Sneakers made! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lu Hefner - The Truth

By @unleashmusik87 
Video Shot and Edited by : @unleashmusik87

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lu Hefner's Birthday Tour 2016

Lu Hefner Celebrated his birthday the only way he knows how, in style! Check out his red carpet event hosted by L.I Fresh and the L.I. Fresh Bad Girls, Ralph McDaniels of Video Music Box and Muscle Team Fuzz!! Starlets Gentlemans was definitely all the way turned up! 

New Era teams up with Hit City Records

New Era has officially teamed up with Hit City Records. You can now get your Hit City Records Merchandise at Staten Islands New Era location located at 2655 Richmond Ave. 


Monday, May 16, 2016

Lu Hefner has been making his marks all throughout the industry!

After taking Europe by storm Lu Hefner is ready to release his latest single called Maserati Swerve on Em. Returning from Europe Lu has been what most would call a silent force to be reckoned with. Returning home to his Native New York hometown after his European tour Lu Hefner booked an endless amount of shows consistently throughout the entire Tri-State Area and landed on several covers of Magazines i.e. XXl, Source, Awe and a Freakonomics international book cover. Lu Hefner then earned the right to be all “souped” up as a spokesman for the Original Soup Man alongside Shaquille O Neil who served as an adviser and equity partner in the company.  Next Lu Hefner was welcomed into the fashion industry as he became the face of Invisible Bully a Brooklyn based clothing line co-founded by April Maiya Butler and music industry veteran Damian "D-Roc" Butler. Lu Hefner was later named the “Ambassador of New York” for the Label which was well deserved after his diligent and conscientious hard-work invested in the brand. Lu Hefner has made a great impression on many people because of his strong work ethics and kind heart. Tip Top DTN CEO of Brooklyn based clothing line American Fly Clothing, Brooklyn Soul Food and Best Of Both Worlds Republic of Panama states " He is one of the most humblest, respectful and talented artists that I have ever met and worked with. I will co sign anything attached to lu's name like it's attached to mine " Lu Hefner’s great sense in fashion and his captivating swag landed him the position as a Line Creative Director and Fashion Consultant at APSCO. Making his way up the latter in different parts of the industry you can say it's only right for Lu to get his feet wet in the acting world as he played in two movies that made its way to the big screen, “Living With No Regrets” and “Staten Island Summer”. It's safe to say with Lu being a 15 year published model and actor under Rita Powers Management that he is just one step away from his SAG card has been busy working over the past few years. His anticipated Single “Maserati Swerve on Em” will definitely take the industry by storm like his last!

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Also check out his latest single Maserati Swerve On Em Ft. Big Green (Directed by William Henriquez)

LuHefner.blogspot is back

LU Hefner's blog was down for at least three years now it is now back and up and running under new management of course the format is still The same Lu Hefner will still oversee all blogs with some new twist and new daily blogs to proactively accommodate the general audience when asked why bring back the blog spot when there are daily blogs with videos he replied why not have an alternative for the people who don't want to watch a video much rather read privately there are no one things that move one way if you can go forward I can go backwards and detail I would like to also say my blogs will put back substance in the empty pot and create a carbon footprint. An another avenue for independent artist to be featured and discover my contribution to the new industry is my credibility as well as my input and advice that is preferred by the mainstream Industry